AP Advice

Upperclassmen give advice about taking AP classes for the first time

Taking an Advanced Placement class for the first time can be stressful. Here’s advice from upperclassmen who’ve been through it.

Senior Taylor Williamson’s advice is, “Be prepared and willing to apply yourself more than you have before and be ready to study A LOT.”


Senior Madison Duong’s advice is, “Give yourself some grace when taking AP courses. They are supposed to be challenging, so don’t beat yourself over not having an A. Don’t be intimidated though! Work hard like it was any other class.”


Junior KyLeigh Mohr’s advice is, “Always do your best to stay caught up and listen in class. If you don’t listen in class, you will struggle.”


Senior Julianna Formaro’s advice is, “Take dual DMACC credit classes instead. It saves you a lot of money and it is not as stressful as taking an AP. You can always get a lot of credits out of the way for college.”