Post Covid Concert Prep

After two years of canceled concerts and socially distant crowds, concerts in 2022 are planning on coming back in full swing.

Wells Fargo Arena is going to host many concerts in the coming months, including but not limited to those of New Kids on the Block in the mixtape live tour and Machine Gun Kelly with the mainstream sellout tour.

Prior to this year, restrictions were high to see any type of performance. Between social distancing and the need for a test or vaccination, people were quite limited to what was available to them.

Junior Kendra Huitt has been to concerts through everything.

“Concerts before COVID were very laid back,” said Huitt. “I never really worried about anything, and the events felt like everyone was agreeing and getting along.”

Recently, Huitt went to the Korn concert, and the concert felt similar to the concerts before COVID.

“There weren’t any restrictions to go to the concert,” said Huitt. “It was nice, it felt very put together and welcoming.”

With concerts returning back to normal, there’s hope for other things to follow. And even though you can now attend concerts close to a full house, there are still restrictions keeping people from certain concerts.

According to, guests are no longer required to show proof of vaccination, or wear a mask. The only exception, the website states, is that “any additional health and safety protocols required by leagues or specific tours or entertainers still apply.” So while venues are opening up to less restrictions, performers make the final decision on what their performance will entail.

“The only thing different with the concerts I have been to is that people are wearing masks, and in the end it doesn’t really affect your concert-going experience,” said Huitt.

Along with indoor concerts, outdoor concerts are expected to be popular this year. provides a list of concerts, festivals, and more that are here in the Midwest. The most popular events on the site are Lollapalooza and Hinterland, located in Chicago, IL and St. Charles, IA. The two concerts provide a variety of artists performing over a four-day period. Both concerts, which are expected to be highly populated, come with restrictions and warning measures. Lollapalooza may require proof of a negative COVID-19 test, or proof of vaccination before entering according to Hinterland is also taking action by asking guests to bring a mask said

Junior Aubry Allen will be attending the Hinterland music festival in August, and has previously attended the festival before the pandemic.

“When I went to Hinterland prior to COVID there was a giant mass of people everywhere, especially around the stage where there was a huge pit,” said Allen. “There were lots of food vendors as well.”

When asked if they expect concerts to return to pre-COVID times, they both have different points of view.

“I personally don’t see it going back to normal, especially indoor events. COVID isn’t going to go away so I think that the requirement of masks or proof of vaccination or a negative test will continue to happen,” said Allen. “I’ve only been to a few concerts post-COVID, but the indoor concert had restrictions.”

“I do expect them to go back to normal. The Korn concert already felt like it was back to normal, so I think we have a solid start,” said Huitt.

Regardless of the restrictions of a concert, it can still be an enjoyable experience.

“It’s all about the music, even if you have to wear masks you can still enjoy the concert just the same,” said Allen.


Upcoming Concerts:

  • Country Fest Wisconsin – headliner is Florida Georgia Line – June 22-25
  • Country Concert 22 (ohio) – headliner Carrie Underwood and Morgan Wallen – July 7-9
  • Wonderstruck (cleveland oh) – headliner The Lumineers and Vampire Weekend – July 9-10
  • concerts in midwest
  • Lollapalooza – Metallica nad Dua Lipa – July 28-31
  • Hinterland – Phoebe Bridgers, Glass Animals – Aug 4-7
  • Windy city smokeout – Miriah Lambert – Aug 4-7
  • Wonderbus – Aug 26-28
  • Riot fest – Sept 16-18