March Artist of The Month: Lilly Cooper

March Artist of The Month: Lilly Cooper

Q: How long have you been doing art?

A: I’ve been involved with art since elementary school, with my interest spiking in 3rd grade especially. 


Q: What kind of art do you focus on the most?

A: I focus on still life, portraits, and landscapes. I use normal graphite pencil mostly but still love to challenge myself with different media. 


Q: What inspires you/ who gives you inspiration?

A: What inspires me to keep pursuing art is seeing the process and result. It is super rewarding to see the finished piece after hours of painful, yet fun, work.


Q: What piece of advice do you have for other young artists?

A: A piece of advice I would give to younger artists is to keep practicing and find people who will support you through the growing pains. I have not had, or will ever have, a single piece that I haven’t gotten mad at because I was unhappy with how it looked. But because I have a good support system and practice, I am able to work through the present and future problems I may have with a piece. 


Q: What goals do you want to achieve this year?

A: My goal for this year is to keep taking on large-scale projects over the summer. 


Q: Will you continue art in the future?

A: I plan to always keep pursuing art, and eventually take it into a career. 🙂 


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