2019 Homecoming Dance Photo Gallery

Juniors Gracie Muck, Cait Maynes, Rylie Martin, and Ellie Dove attending homecoming together. They wore matching metallic shorts with black tops and space buns.
Freshmen Ella Herting, Jordan Lange, Josie Newton, Kylie Backen, Lillian Morris, and Kenzie Ballard pose for a group photo at their first high school dance. The girls wore metallic shorts and neon shirts.
A group of upperclassmen attended the dance wearing Looney Tune basketball outfits. The idea is from the popular movie Space Jam.
Seniors Mason Whitlatch, Rylee Lamb, Kailee Quang, Cole Pottorf, Evan Stewart, Isaiah Wagner, and sophomore Saydee Edwards grouped up at the Homecoming dance. The girls wore holographic clothes and tops and the boys wore NASA and astronaut apparel.