Rampage COVID-19 Coverage: Spring Break Switch Up

Senior trip plans change due to pandemic

The Stewarts, Macks, Allisons, Olesens, Hartz, Newtons, Stiles and Vorwerks in Key West, Florida over Spring Break on an excursion. Photo courtesy Meredith Vorwerk.

Yesterday was supposed to be the day that Spring Break ended and we headed back to school. However, this is just the beginning of “Corona Break.” This is day three of quarantine for me as I went on my senior trip to Florida and got back late Saturday night. 

Over Spring Break, I went to Key West and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We flew to Florida on Saturday, March 14. Our plans switched very last minute because we were supposed to go on a cruise, but that got cancelled the day before we left. 

It was a lot of last minute chaos, but I still got to have my senior trip. It was the best, most fun, and weirdest trip that I will remember forever. 

The trip started off completely “normal” and by that I mean the airports were filled with people wearing masks, gloves, and goggles. So totally normal, right? When we arrived in Florida at our house we were staying at, all the stores, restaurants, and beaches were still open. We ate dinner at a restaurant the first night and they were requiring one empty table in between each table of people. They were working quickly to make sure the tables were six feet apart and that everything was running smoothly.  It felt like we were living in a movie, but it was all a reality. 

We arrived on the 14th and by the 17th everything was completely shut down. Luckily for us, since we stayed at a house, we had a kitchen where we made food so restaurants closing wasn’t a big deal at all. Our house also had a pool so we did a lot of swimming and hanging out there. As the trip moved on, we became more and more isolated. 

I never felt nervous because I am overall a healthy person and we weren’t really around anyone besides the family we went down there with. I got the most nervous at airports because they are very dirty and have tons of people. However, I still managed to have the best vacation ever with my best friends. Although it didn’t exactly go how it was supposed to, we made lemonade out of lemons and made it so much fun. 

I have learned so many new things from this experience that I am forever grateful for. I learned not to take for granted the little things in life. I realized I rely a lot on the community. I realized that there are a lot of things that are out of my control, but what is within my control is to stay positive and hopeful throughout it all. 

I am now reminiscing on all the fun memories we had while I am quarantined for at least 14 days. It is what it is. So far, quarantine hasn’t been bad, but after all it is just getting started. I have been doing a lot of sleeping, movie watching, working out, and accomplishing things off of my “Quarantine Bucket List” that I made to help keep me occupied during this strange time we are living in.