Aging Through a Pandemic

After three years of growing, recovering, and changing from the year of COVID, 2020, kids have noticed the feeling of not aging after all this time. Through social media, teenagers have expressed how they still feel the age they were when in quarantine. This false reality kids have felt they have been in could be because of the sense of comfortability during the pandemic, the harsh changes after, and the feeling of being lost in the present.

During the pandemic, everyone was going through the same thing, but in different ways. For many it felt like a vacation with a sense of comfortability because of the time spent at home. For others, it was a numbing nightmare that lasted forever. Though, no matter what emotions were felt during that time, everyone was having the difficulty of not being able to grow, learn, or expand themselves due to the isolation. Spending every second alone at home for almost six months has created different mindsets and habits for teens. Causing them to be out of touch with reality and time.

After the pandemic, trying to find ‘normality’ again was difficult for many. Handling school, work, and people after constant isolation caused constant stress. The huge change to be back into our reality felt unachievable for our generation. This is because of the comfortability most found during the pandemic. Of course, the pandemic had a huge effect on everyone, though our age group seemed to have been affected the most due to the inability to grow in isolation. Leading to have long-lasting effects for the present and future.

 Now, after three years of trying to overcome the pandemic, kids feel a sense of almost being ageless. Years are passing by, and teens are still dealing with the impact of COVID. This young generation is reaching adulthood, which seems unbelievable for many who still feel like a young teenager in the year 2020. How will we fully move forward from the pandemic effects?