Inside Remote Learning

One Rampage Reporter’s Experience with Fully Virtual Education

I have been trapped in the house for almost seven months now, only going back and forth to work. When school came back and offered an online only option, I of course took it because I wanted to protect my family from getting COVID-19. My brothers also chose remote learning. This experience has definitely been one to remember and tell my grandchildren about later on in life. 

When I first started remote learning, I thought it would be easier since I was at home all the time and had more free space to do everything, as I am sure most of us did. That was not the case at all. Instead, I was greeted with confusion about when my classes were, what assignments were due, and if I had any assignments to work on for that matter. The internet is crappy with four other people on it with me so my teachers cut out a lot. If I am lucky, I will catch a word or two to form half a sentence. 

The first week of school, I already screwed up my schedule. I was not aware that Thursday/Friday were even/odd days which is the opposite of Monday/Tuesday. So I ended up missing all of my Zoom meetings for Thursday and Friday. My classes literally assign things every single day and some of the assignments are really hard. I also get to have quizzes in my classes literally every week which is just so much fun keeping track of.

With all the bad that comes with having to do remote learning, there is some good as there is always light within the darkness. For one, I don’t have to wake up as early which is nice. I can pretty much just roll out of bed, throw on anything, and go to my classes. There are no school lunches where I am which is probably the best pro about online learning. If anything was going to make me sick it was another year of school lunches. 

I also get to hang out with my brothers 24/7 and listen to my brother next door make sounds with his chair everyday. I get to have my mom checking in on me every 30 minutes and making sure I am working. When I get a bad grade, she knows about it now immediately after I get it so when I flunked my first trig quiz you can just about imagine how that went. 

I do get coffee every morning and am not limited to just one cup. My cat can sit in my lap when I work now. She can also walk all over my work, chase the mouse on the screen, and try to drink out of my cup. Right because what I need during the day is a cat hyped up on coffee. It’s bad enough with my mom hyped up on it. 

All in all online learning is a bit difficult, but I am doing it for a good reason. In these times we just need to stay confident that this will all end in a year or two.