Orange you glad I rated the best fruits for you?

Many of the fruits in this article can be found in your local produce department. Abbie Banyas photo.

The debate you have all been waiting for… the best fruits based on categories. This will include the best apples, berries, and the most overrated and underrated fruits. 

The first category is apples. The best type of apple hands down is honeycrisp. It is superior to all other types of apples due to its sweet taste. Any other type of apple just falls short of a honeycrisp, they do not compare, period. 

Next, the best type of berry is a blueberry because when they are perfectly ripe they are the most delectable taste you will ever experience. They have no seeds which makes eating them fast and easy, plus you do not have to worry about having seeds in your teeth. In addition, blueberries are on sale more often than other types of berries, which makes them superior because they are delicious and you save money.

The next category is the debate on whether or not clementines or oranges are better. The answer is very obvious and it is CLEMENTINES. How could you not like a fruit that has the nickname of “Cuties.” Clementines are the perfect snack size and are so much easier to peel than oranges. Furthermore, oranges have seeds that you have to either take the time to remove or spit out as you eat the orange, which is disgusting and ruins the whole experience. Also when you peel an orange, a lot of white residue is left from the peel, which I looked up and it is called pith. Oranges leave more pith than clementines, and for that reason alone clementines are better.

Now, the most overrated fruit in my opinion is pineapple, which I know I will receive a lot of hate for. Pineapple is disgusting and I do not understand how so many people love pineapple so much and count it as their favorite fruit. So many other fruits are so much more enjoyable and delicious. Pineapples are way too sweet and pungent, the smell of pineapple is overwhelming and gives me an immediate headache. 

The most underrated fruit is a raspberry. I feel like most people do not pick raspberries when they have an option to pick a fruit. People get too distracted by strawberries in the summer, but raspberries are the perfect little fruit in the summer. Raspberries have the perfect balance between sweet and sour. Additionally, raspberries are the perfect topping for yogurt, oatmeal, and are very delicious in smoothies. 

The best type of grape is one that I switch back and forth on, I could be persuaded either way. Right now I would say that green grapes are the superior type of grape. I do not have a specific reason why, they are just very delicious. Along with raspberries, I would also say that grapes are a very underrated fruit. I never think “oh I really want some grapes right now,” but when I start eating grapes they are just so amazing and I could eat them all day. 

My final comment is that tomatoes are NOT a fruit. I do not care if scientists classify tomatoes as a fruit they are actually a vegetable. You eat tomatoes with savory foods and are a very common topping on a salad. When you think of tomatoes you think of vegetables because vegetables are normally paired with savory foods and so are tomatoes. Most fruits are paired with sweets and desserts. There are so many different fruit-flavored cakes, but you would be insane to want a tomato flavored cake. 

And what you have all been waiting for, my favorite fruit…pomegranates. It takes a lot of effort to remove the seeds, but it is totally worth it. They are superior to all other fruits because they are only in season for a short amount of time. So when they are in season it is so exciting and makes you want to eat them forever.