Mystery of the Monolith

Carsyn Dasch, Rampage Managing Editor

There have been multiple objects known as “monoliths” appearing all over the world. This extraterrestrial statue-like figure first made an appearance in a remote desert in Utah in the United States. It was discovered by a helicopter crew flying over the desert on November 18. Mysteriously the structure soon disappeared on November 27.

Another Monolith appeared on a Romanian hillside shortly after the one in Utah disappeared. The statue was found by the Petrodava Dacian Fortress, which is an archaeological landmark in the northern Neamt county. It vanished shortly only a couple days after it was discovered.

Another monolith was discovered at the top of a mountain trail in California and another appeared on a beach on the Isle of Wight, all one after the other. Countries such as Belgium, Germany, Spain and Colombia have also reported the strange figure.

People have claimed that aliens were the ones to put the monoliths all over the globe, or some believe there is some sort of conspiracy going on. In 2020, no one can tell what happens next. Is this an artwork gallery or aliens?