A Fish Is A Good Pet

Darius the fish enjoying his tank. Calif Poncy photo.

Fish are one of the most fascinating creatures in the wild today. Scientists estimate that there are at least 3.5 trillion fish in the world, although there are thought to be thousands of unidentified species of fish in the sea, so there isn’t any real way to accurately measure the number of fish in our oceans. I recently adopted a beta fish named Darius and it has been a truly rewarding experience and has brought me lots of enjoyment.

The first good thing about owning a fish is that they are an affordable pet. As a high schooler, most likely you can’t afford to take care of a dog or a cat, but fish are very affordable and they still give you the feeling of responsibility that a much more expensive animal gives you. For example, when I got my fish I also got a tank, decorative rocks, a couple of decorations, food and the solution to purify its water, all of these things put together cost me a total of $40, and despite the minimal cost, my fish has brought me lots of enjoyment and fascination.

Another good thing about fish is that they are not a time-consuming pet. Between school, jobs, sports and countless other things high schoolers deal with on a day to day basis, many are hard pressed to find gaps in their schedules. Fish adhere perfectly to the on-the-go lifestyle of a high school student, the only thing you have to do on a daily basis is feed them, there is no need to walk them or take them outside, because they get all necessary exercise from swimming around in their bowl or tank. Their tanks require cleaning about once every three weeks and the cleaning takes about a half hour each time.

Lastly, Fish are a type of pet that will not have lots of moving anxiety. With the senior class at Southeast Polk thinking about going to college, having a pet fish could remind you of home, and it is an animal that will not be very stressed out if you just move its tank. If someone got a fish before they went to college, they could then bring it with them to college and it could give the place you are staying a more homey feel.

My pet fish has given me a sense of responsibility, adulthood. So  far, there has been no downside to Darius coming into my life and he has proven to be entertaining to some of my friends as well. Darius also has not cost me any money since the day I bought his basic equipment, he is very active and entertaining to watch swim around, and on top of all of this I will be able to take him with me when I go to college and whenever I need a reminder of home, he will remind me of some of memories of looking at him in my home.