Why Should Students Care About Politics?

With presidential elections approaching in 2020 and having one of the most controversial presidents in US history currently in office, it seems like all the news these days are issues pertaining to politics.

High school students usually tend to avoid these issues, and some know very little about the current political situations happening not only nationally, but also internationally. What students don’t seem to realize is the importance behind these issues and the impact they can have on their lives.

An example of how politics could affect students occurred during the 2016 elections. At the time, Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders campaigned for free college and this was a huge deal for students even if they weren’t able to vote at the time. Choices being made by any president might not affect high school students right now, but within the next few years these decisions could impact their lives in huge ways.

Being informed on the choices being made by our potential or current president will allow students to make what they think is the right choice for themselves and their peers when voting.

Going into your voting location and selecting a candidate based on their popularity or what others are saying about them may seem like a convenient way to go about voting, however it is not the smart way to go about voting.

Students should take the time to research and learn about a candidate’s opinions and campaign promises. Through this process they are able to not only choose a candidate, but it can also encourage them to learn more about themselves and the beliefs they have.

Most high school students grow up confirming to the same political opinions that their parents have, but after thinking about their beliefs on the various issues we face every day, they might realize that they have very different opinions from their parents. By understanding their own beliefs students will be able to form better opinions and reactions to the news that we see every day.

  Being an informed citizen also means that students will be more likely to take action and attempt change in our society. There are lots of issues that don’t get noticed or solved efficiently within the government. Informed students will be equipped with the knowledge needed in order to go about seeking change.

So, the next time you see a political article on your Twitter feed, try to read it rather than just scrolling past it.