Spirituality Brings Peace During Rough Times

With all the stress related to COVID-19 right now, a lot of people have been trying to find more ways to be zen or calm. Being in touch with one’s spirituality can help promote less stress and more self love.

Spirituality is being concerned with the human spirit or soul rather than materialistic things. Many people participate in spirituality without even realizing it.

Senior Jocelyn Thomas has been interested in spirituality since she was a sophomore. She started with Buddhism and meditation and has now moved on to Satanism and Witchcraft. 

“Witchcraft is about manipulating energy and being in touch with your spirit. It’s not like what you see in movies. It’s real and it helps us prepare for our journey in the afterlife no matter what afterlife you believe in,” said Thomas. 

Satanism is not what most people think, in fact it has nothing to do with Satan at all.

“Satanism is a form of atheism, we don’t believe in a God or the devil or heaven or hell,” said Thomas. “Satanism is about accepting that nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. We don’t think it makes sense to confess our sins and wrong doing to a high power in hopes of getting forgiveness in return if we are just going to continue to make mistakes until we die.”

Anyone and everyone can practice spirituality, even if religion is involved.

“Spirituality is all about yourself and being in touch with your inner spirit. It’s about improving yourself from the inside,” said Thomas. “Even some Christians practice witchcraft and spirituality. It’s not about a higher power or following rules, it’s about fixing yourself”.

Thomas believes it is extremely beneficial to practice spirituality.

“Before I started my spiritual journey I had severe depression and had severe anxiety,” said Thomas. “Practicing spirituality can help you heal from past trauma, raise your confidence level, and help you understand yourself better.”