February Artist of the Month: Sawyer Grant

Taylor Soung, Staff Reporter

Junior and Early Grad Sawyer Grant

Q: Why do you do art?

A: It brings a sense of pride in my life and you feel super accomplished once you’ve finished a piece.

Q: Is there a certain connection you have with art?

A: I’ve always loved making art as a kid because people would praise my work and now I do see a bigger meaning to practicing art and calling yourself an artist. I think art is anything you want it to be and being able to make things that will last for years and years after I’m gone is pretty cool. Art can also hold a lot of symbolism depending on what it is someone’s doing, and it doesn’t always have one solidified meaning. That’s where I feel connected with the art I make, because it can hold different meaning and emotions depending on what stage of your life you’re in.

Q: Do you have or get any blocks while doing art?

A: When painting, I’ve had less block but when it comes to working with pencils or other materials along that line like pastels it can be more challenging to get through a piece, because it’s more tedious and I am a very detail-oriented artist.

Q: Do you feel any sort of emotion while doing art?

A: While doing art, it can be stressful and joyful and challenging and fun you can’t stick one emotion to it. When doing more leisurely art it’s more enjoyable, but when put under a time frame art can be more stressful than fun.

Q: How did you get started with art?

A: I started when I could grip a crayon. My mom taught me to color inside the lines and my grandparents also bought me a lot of art supplies when I was younger. But my older sister taught me a lot in elementary school.

Q: Did you take any art classes?

A: I’ve taken all of the required art classes through the school. In high school I took Art 1 ,2, 3, Ceramics, Painting, and I am currently in Art Seminar.

Q: Is art a part of your everyday life?

A: Art is a part of my brain. The way I see things in a way is different from other people. When I see colors I notice how they’re tinted and the shades.

Q: If you had to describe art with one word, what would it be and why?

A: Art would be “original” because an artist’s art has to be their own original work.

Q: Do you think art is therapeutic? Why or why not?

A: Art is therapeutic after it’s done. It’s very satisfying to see the work you’ve put into it and the final product.

Q: Do you think that art and beauty are related to one another?

A: Art can portray beauty, but beauty isn’t what art is. Beautiful could be a word to describe art, but it’s an opinionated world. One piece could be beautiful to someone and hideous to the next person.

Q: Do you think art can be beneficial to your mental health?

A: Art could be beneficial to your mental health. I find that going to the art museum is beneficial because it offers different opinions and ideas about the world and it’s good to keep an open mind about things.

Q: What are the benefits to making art?

A: Making friends, strengthening skills, and making new skills. It’s also good for growing creativity and growing as a person.

Q: Does art have a meaning behind it? Like the types of colors you use, or the drawings that you draw?

A: Art will always have meaning. Some artists don’t apply meaning though, and leave that to the viewers.

Q: What is your inspiration for making art or getting involved with art?

A: Making art has always been a favorite thing of mine, so I am easily motivated. Inspiration can come from anything. Emotions are what drive people to do things in general, but strong emotions is where I get my inspiration for art.