Plan for Prom Early

Prom will be on April 22. That means it is about two months away. With Prom comes lots of preparation, so now is the time to start planning! 

One of the most important things to figure out is what you’re going to wear. People can wear long dresses or suits, and sometimes color coordinate with their date. Finding a dress typically takes longer since there are so many colors, styles, and materials. If you haven’t started planning your dress, now is the time to start. 

According to, prom dresses on average cost between $100-$600. But everybody’s budget might be different. There are plenty of places to find a prom dress no matter what your price range might be. In order to find what you want, you will have to do lots of looking whether that might be online or in person. You might have an idea of what you want going into shopping, but keeping an open mind is so important especially when trying on different dresses. Try on lots of dresses of different styles and colors in order to find what fits and compliments you the best. 

Along with your dress, you will need to figure out shoes, what you want to do with your nails, your hair, makeup, and any accessories. All of this should be figured out after your dress, this way your look can be cohesive. When shopping for shoes, make sure that they fit you by either buying them in person or ordering them online with plenty of time before prom. Try on your shoes when you get them, to ensure you have time to send them back and get replaced if they don’t fit or they aren’t what you were pictured. 

Plan out whether you want to do your own makeup and hair or get it done by someone else. If you plan on having someone else do it, start booking people now. Having things planned ahead allows you to be prepared and have everything ready when it comes to the day of prom. 

If you are going with a date, you need to communicate your plan about outfits that way you can have matching outfits if desired. Additionally, you need to decide if you want to do corsages. If you plan on doing corsages with your date, you need to decide whether you want to DIY them, or buy them. Planning out what you want is important, but you should purchase them the week of the dance for the freshest results.