March Musician of the Month: Jenna Winegar

Jenna Scandiffio, Staff Reporter

Q: What instrument(s) do you play in band? How long have you been playing them (it)?

A: I play the clarinet and I started playing it in fifth grade.


Q: Do you plan to continue to play band or choir during college? 

A: I don’t plan on majoring in anything musical, but I would still love to be a part of band when I go to college!


Q: How often do you practice in a group/alone for band? How would you give advice to balance your practices of your music pieces with homework for new musicians?

A: I would say that I practice on my own for a couple of hours every week, and I also have weekly sectionals where I get to practice with other clarinet players for a while. The best way to balance my practice times and homework is to have a schedule where things are structured. I have specific times a week that I practice, and I also have dedicated time for homework each day.


Q: What do you think is the most challenging part of your musical experience? Whether it’s balancing your homework, or your social life, or even the responsibility levels?

A: For me, the most challenging part is to have a balance between practicing my instrument and working on the homework that I have for other classes.


Q: How do you think your music experiences will help you in your future? Are there any lessons that your classes have taught you that you can use in the future? Has it taught you any new skills?

A: Being in band has taught me so many things, and given me so many wonderful experiences. It has taught me to get out of my comfort zone, to manage my time wisely, and to understand the importance of commitment. Having these skills will definitely be helpful in my future.

Q: Why have you stayed in music classes all these years? What’s so special about them to make you wanna keep learning and coming back? Why haven’t you ever stopped doing music?

A: I’ve been in both marching band and wind ensemble for all four years of high school, and I love the friends that I have made and the opportunities that being in band has brought me. Being a part of the band program has been so wonderful, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Q: Do you have any advice for future students who want to pursue music whether it’s band or even choir? 

A: The biggest piece of advice that I would give to students who want to pursue music would be to not worry about what other people think of you. Letting other people’s opinions get in the way of your greatest potential will forever be something that you regret.


Q: Any advice for new band members?

A: One piece of advice that I would give to new band members would be to get out of your comfort zone and try new things! You never know what great things could come from it.