Plants Are Beneficial

Plants are all around us in nature, and our homes- but they serve a bigger purpose than just looking pretty. Numerous plants have beneficial factors to them that can help with your health, mental and physical.

Aloe Vera, like most other plants, purifies the air in your home. But the gel inside of the plant is a useful remedy against skin irritations like sunburns, and makes a great addition to foods like smoothies according to

Rosemary is beneficial for concentration and is a popular plant for healing. Lavender helps sleep by relaxing any tension and helps focusing on calmness.  Both herbs are popular in households and are multi-purposeful, as they are used in foods.

Having plants in your house has many benefits. Photo courtesy Salem Shwemm.

Freshman Salem Schwemm has noticed an improvement in their sister’s mental health ever since junior Hannah Schwemm took in plants. Hannah is what Salem considers a ‘plant connoisseur.’

“Her room is full of plants,” Salem said, “her favorite place to buy plants from is Petals + Moss which is downtown.

Petals + Moss is one of the many stores downtown that offers a wide variety of plants. Their products range in size, and include hanging plants, leafy plants, and succulents according to @petals_and_moss_dsm on Instagram. Other popular downtown stores are Adina Blooms, next door to Petals + Moss, and Renovation Jungle near Roosevelt High School.

Plants are as unique as they are beneficial, Salem’s favorite plant is the venus fly trap, which unlike most other plants, eats bugs.