Students Try to Stay Active During Winter

Julia Strickland graphic.

Winter is one of the busiest seasons. You have school, sports, work, and you probably want to do all of the fun seasonal activities. 

Working out is most likely the last thing on your mind. But, we know that working out is good for our overall health, and it also genuinely improves your wellbeing and quality of life. 

According to the National Institute on Aging, “exercise is not only good for your physical health, it also supports emotional and mental health.”

Senior Angelina Brim makes sure to try to fit in a workout 5-6 days a week.

“I work out for my physical and mental health,” said Brim. “I usually do different sets of workouts throughout the week. My favorite part of working out is how I feel accomplished after, I usually see my friends at the gym too.” 

Lifting weights and running aren’t the only options when it comes to staying active. Walking, biking, and swimming are other cardio exercises you can do to stay healthy. 

But you don’t have to break a sweat to help yourself. According to the American Osteopathic Association, “regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness; increases body awareness; relieves chronic stress patterns; relaxes the mind; centers attention; and sharpens concentration.”

Working out, along with all of the other things you have going on can be really difficult, but just 30 minutes each day can be really beneficial. Brim has figured out that when she started working out it actually helped her get into a daily routine.

“Usually once I workout I feel more motivated to complete other tasks like school, work, friends, and priorities at home,” said Brim. 

While winter seems like the time to take a break from staying active because it can be cold out and staying in your nice warm bed seems like the better option, think about all of the benefits from getting in those 30 minutes and maybe take your dog for a walk, or ask a friend to go to the gym.