January Musician of the Month: Will Marshall

Will Marshall. Kirsten Milczski photo.

Q: What instruments do you play?

A: In jazz band I play the vibraphone and then I play a lot of different instruments in wind ensemble.

Q: When did you join band?

A: Freshman year I did band and then junior year I did marching band and wind ensemble.

Q: Why did you start playing music?

A: I started playing drums when I was like four and banging on stuff with markers and stuff. I always knew I wanted to do music and be a drummer.

Q: What challenges have you faced in band?

A: Recently it’s been motivation for band senior year and sometimes the music isn’t super fun. It’s awesome when everything comes together but the process of putting music and everything together can be long.

Q: How has being a part of band benefited you?

A: I think I’m able to express myself more with music and overall being more outspoken and confident because in a band you can’t hold back and it kind of helped me get out of my shell.

Q: What is your favorite part about being part of a band?

A: I like the people in band a lot and everyone has the same goal and it’s fun to work with people like that and my best friends are all in band.

Q: How do you plan to be involved with music after highschool?

A: I want to do a pep band in college and always be drumming. Maybe drumming for church and maybe not in the form of a band but always still making music because I love it.