Netflix Is a Lifestyle

Netflix is a streaming service that allows millions of people to stream their favorite shows.

Netflix has been around for 22 years, serving the people that want to watch their favorite shows and movies that were taken off television. Netflix gives people the chance to try new movies, and t.v. shows they never would have thought they would have watched.

People that watch Netflix today can watch t.v. shows, movies, or a new creation to Netflix called “interactive shows.” They allow the viewer to directly get involved with the show and make character’s choices throughout the show or movie.

Junior Ava Thompson is an avid watcher of Netflix.

“I tend to watch Netflix every day. It has so many good shows, including one of my favorites Grey’s Anatomy,” said Thompson.

Along with Grey’s Anatomy, Netflix offers a variety of different shows like The Office. The Office is the most watched show according to

Freshman Erika Thielen watches Netflix for the old shows that are no longer on t.v.

“I love being able to go back to old shows and watch movies I used to watch as a kid,” said Thielen.

Being a Netflix user has its perks, but with the ultimate access to movies, there have been times where shows and movies have been taken off.

Sophomore Sky Mottet has watched shows that were taken off Netflix before.

“It really sucks losing a show on Netflix. It takes me a while to find a new show I like,” said Mottet.

Netflix opens a lot of doors for users to fully dive into the movie world. Netflix has a whole range of shows. Ones that are very old and ones that are very new.

Sophomore Lylian Kauzlarich has watched Netflix for a while now and loves the app.

“[It] allows me to relax after a long stressful day. Getting to watch my favorite show, Grey’s Anatomy, always puts me in a better mood,” said Kauzlarich.

According to Business Insider, Netflix in the next year will be taking off Friends and The Office come the year 2021. So, take advantage of this next year to watch them.