Athletes face COVID-19 related changes to seasons

The volleyball team in action. Photo courtesy Jordyn Brown.

Hearing that sports and other important traditions and activities are getting canceled is just second nature to high school students at this point. Students who have been practicing and working so hard for their entire lives are watching their senior seasons change dramatically. Senior Jordyn Brown is no exception to this.

Brown plays volleyball, tennis, and softball. She also is in wrestling cheer. She has been playing softball for 13 years, volleyball for 11, and tennis and for four years. As a senior, it has been really hard for her to adapt and accept the changes that have gone on. 

“Not being able to do all the traditions of each sport with all my teammates and friends was especially difficult as I am a senior and I will never get this year back,” said Brown. 

Despite being really bummed out about missing out on so many things with her sports in her senior year, Brown has tried to remain positive and appreciate the times she does have with her teammates. She said that she cherishes every opportunity she has to play. 

The only season that she has completed this year so far is her volleyball season. She said that a huge challenge was adapting to all of the new policies, wearing masks, and making sure to stay distanced from others, which can be a challenging feat while playing a sport that involves as much movement as volleyball. 

Although the new policies have been challenging, the hardest part for Brown has been all of the uncertainty surrounding playing sports in such a difficult time.

 “It feels as though each day a new obstacle comes your way. It is also hard to have our time spent doing the sport cut down,” said Brown. 

The future of Brown’s wrestling cheer, softball, and tennis seasons remain very uncertain as the pandemic continues to progress. She said she would love to continue playing one of her sports in college, but she is currently undecided on whether she will do that or not. Although very sad and disappointed about the circumstances this year, Brown tries to remain positive and focus on her future.