Club Sports Provide Many Opportunities

The Oak Leafs hockey team. Dave Kirer photo.

Club sports are teams outside of local high schools that can be seen as more competitive or something that people have to try out for. While the competition is higher, that isn’t the only reason that some students choose to play them. Senior Hunter Shepherd plays ice hockey for the Des Moines Oak Leafs and loves it for many reasons. 

“I have been in a club sport since I was three years old and my family helped me decide which team would best suit me and my development,” said Shepherd.

Another reason that many students love club sports is because they meet new people that they might not have without participating. While school sports are fun because you get to play with your classmates, club sports are fun because it is an entirely different group of people.

“Club sports bring everyone together and make it competitive,” said Shepherd. “I also have more friends from playing club sports, it has given me the opportunity to make friends with people I wouldn’t normally talk to.”

Playing club sports can take up extra time that you would normally use to finish up your school work or work, but Shepherd recommends club sports due to the fact that the schedule is manageable and worth the extra time that you have to put in.

“I would absolutely recommend club sports because of the competitive nature and collective group effort in achieving a certain goal,” said Shepherd. “If you manage your time wisely, balancing school and sports is not as hard as some say. Just be smart and make sure it gets done.”

Club sports give you the chance to meet new people and explore new things. While school sports are always available if you are looking for something to challenge yourself and get involved in different activities, club sports are a great way to do so. 

“Club sports have given me the opportunity to express myself in other places and areas plus it has given me the opportunity to meet some of the best people,” said Shepherd.