April Athlete of the Month: Yunusi Tobongye

Jenna Francois, Staff Reporter

Q: How long have you been running track?

A:  Since seventh grade.

Q: What events do you run/participate in?

A: 100, 200, 400, and long jump.

Q: What is your favorite event and why?

A: Long jump because it’s fun.

Q: What or who inspired you to go out for track?

A: Usain Bolt and Coach Z.

Q: Do you prefer open events or relays?

A: Relays.

Q: What is your advice to younger athletes?

A: Stay hydrated and don’t skip practice.

Q: What is something you’re looking forward to this season?

A: Drake Relays.

Q: What coach has made the biggest impact on you & why?

A: Coach P. he’s been a big inspiration and he’s my running back coach.

Q: What quote do you try to live by?

A: “Trust the process.”