Personal Finance now a graduation requirement

Personal Finance (formerly Money Management) is now a required class to graduate high school in the state of Iowa. Juniors who have not yet taken the class may be scrambling to figure out their schedules for next school year.

Junior Jordyn Brown has experienced her schedule being impacted by the new requirement.

“I have to go in and talk to my counselor which is just a little bit irritating because I picked my classes freshman and sophomore year. I picked all the classes I wanted to take so now that I have to fit in something that wasn’t in the curriculum,” said Brown.

There are some, however, who are unaffected by the change. Students who have already taken the class don’t have to worry about fitting it into their schedule.

Junior Jocelin Bolin is currently taking the class.

“For me it is already a technology and business credit, but for some people it’s not that so a lot of people were angry about that from what I have heard,” said Bolin.

Students are not the only ones affected by the new requirement. Teachers will now have to fit the new class into their schedule, possibly adding more pressure to the teachers.

Business teacher Gretchen Shelman has not been directly affected yet, but knows other teachers who have been.

The requirement hasn’t affected my schedule. It might next year though. [Business teacher Sara] Rowe has an extra two sections of Money Management this year,” said Shelman.

The class has been a requirement for other schools for a while according to Shelman. It is intended to prepare students for being able to manage their finances when it comes time for them to be independent.

“It teaches you a lot about what you need to know when you are going into your adulthood and its just very important stuff. Despite if people don’t like it or not, it’s just good information to know,” said Bolin.