Students Have Many Ways to Earn College Credit While in High School

Earning college credit in high school has many benefits for students that plan on going in for a two or four year college. Southeast Polk offers a wide variety of dual credit opportunities in all subject areas. They offer AP classes, and allow students to dual enroll in online and on campus DMACC classes. 

Math teacher Gregory Kapusinski teaches AP Statistics and DMACC Statistics. 

“I think AP has more rigor and strict expectations than DMACC. [For example] AP Stats has more of an emphasis on the idiosyncrasies and technicalities of stats where DMACC Stats focuses more on the nuts and bolts of stats,” said Kapusinski. 

While both offer potential college credit, AP and DMACC classes differ in other aspects. While DMACC classes are easier compared to their in-college counterparts, AP classes are just as intense as regular classes you’ll find at four year universities. 

“I would recommend that everyone uses the college classes SEP offers to their advantage,” said junior Lillie Smithhart. “Plus you do not have to pay for the classes you take in high school but you get the credit for them.”

Kapusinski said that if you are looking to go to college, kids should take at least one AP class.

“I think anyone who is going to attend a four year school after high school should take an AP course sometime in high school.  I am not saying they should take AP Stats, but some AP courses for the rigor that four year college courses will have,” he said.

Smithhart chose dual-credit classes to further her education.

“I choose to take college credit classes in high school because it is a great option to further your knowledge in a certain area,” said Smithhart. “Taking college classes in high school will allow me to not have to take them once I am in college meaning I can move on to harder classes faster.”