New class allows students to collaborate with local businesses

Sadie McKinney, Rampage Design Editor

February 12, 2020

Starting this semester, Southeast Polk is offering a new business class that focuses on working with local businesses on projects that help their business. Business and computer science teacher Andrea McGee, the teacher of Ca...

New hall pass system enacted to increase security and accountability

Lizzy Kunze, Rampage Staff Repoerter

February 12, 2020

Southeast Polk High School is coming into 2020 with new rules and regulations. Students are now required to have a hall pass when in the hallway during class time. There are many reasons as to why this change occurred, like safety conc...

Personal Finance now a graduation requirement

Maddy Streepy, Rampage News Editor

February 12, 2020

Personal Finance (formerly Money Management) is now a required class to graduate high school in the state of Iowa. Juniors who have not yet taken the class may be scrambling to figure out their schedules for next school year. ...

Students gain experience through job training

Sadie McKinney, Design Editor

January 24, 2020

Students have opportunities to get an apprenticeship or job shadow a career that they are interested in. Apprenticeships and job shadowing are good ways for students to see what career paths they want to take. An apprenticeship is...

Standards-referenced grading takes a step forward

Lizzy Kunze, Rampage Staff Reporter

October 28, 2019

Standards-referenced grading is a new movement  being used in some classes this year that measures students’ progress toward meeting standards. Instead of using a traditional 100 point scale, the new system uses a 1 to 4 scale...

Inside the Harbor

Inside the Harbor

October 25, 2019