Dear Rammie…

Rammie, Rampage News Editor

Dear Rammie,

Things have been so crazy lately with school being canceled because of the coronavirus. I even lost my job because of it! My family and I are on lock down now for the next month like everyone else. I am just really worried that my education will be ruined because of all this. How am I supposed to keep up with my schoolwork now?


Concerned Student


Dear Concerned Student,

I totally get how you are feeling right now. Things have been super crazy since this all began! I am sorry about your job, a lot of us are in the same boat. In times like these, we just need to remain calm, cool, and collected. These are the three Cs for staying okay in my opinion. I know that a month can seem like a long time but we can get through this. I can tell you though that the teachers are working on getting school materials out to us right now. You will start seeing things pop up in your email so be sure to check that often! I did hear that the teachers are going to redesign their curriculum. That means they will cut out some stuff so that way they can teach the essential stuff during the last of our school year. I know this is tough but we can get through this! Just remember to stay calm, cool, and collected when it all seems hopeless. A teacher of mine reminded me that this is just a small percentage of our education in the 12 years we have of it. So don’t stress about it too much because there is much more to come in the future.