Students Celebrate World Kindness Day

Whether it’s simply smiling at strangers, or volunteering in the community, people everywhere do kind acts everyday. November 13 gave the world a reason to be kind by celebrating World Kindness Day. 

Why be kind? Lots of people ask this question, especially if you have no reason to be kind to certain people. But  according to, being kind decreases anxiety, pain, and depression. It can also increase your lifespan, serotonin level, and many more beneficial things according to

Like lots of people, Freshman Zeb Hinze loves to smile at people to show kindness.

“I just like to smile at people and make them laugh and that gives them joy and it gives me joy,” Hinze said.

Unfortunatel0,y thanks to the pandemic, masks stand in the way of a warm smile. People have started to learn how to “smile with their eyes” and have resorted to holding doors open for people entering, or exiting school. 

Kind acts can be small, like holding the door, or big like volunteering.

“One of the volunteering things that I’ve done is going to the homeless food shelter place. We gave food to the homeless. I liked the experience because you’re helping people who don’t have a lot,” Hinze said.

Senior Grace Rosenboom’s favorite volunteering experience has been with the Special Olympics.

“I have done it every spring since seventh grade. It really changed my perspective and I absolutely love all of the people I’ve gotten to meet throughout the years! Spreading love and making their day better makes me happy,” Rosenboom said.

Another method for showing kindness is joining a challenge. offers 21 day challenges that push you to do kind things each day. Through their website you can search specific topics you may want to focus on. It’s a great way to be held accountable for kind actions if you struggle to be nice. 

Sophomore Tanner Stults encourages people to do one kind thing.

“One kind thing can change someone’s day right around. The world is messed up right now so the least we can do is be kind to one another,” Stults said.