Transitioning to high school during COVID-19

Freshmen students face a variety of changes this school year

Transitioning into high school is hard, but transitioning into high school during COVID-19 could be even harder. The class of 2024 is starting its freshman year of high school with many new protocols and limited activities. 

Coming into a big school as a freshman can be challenging, especially trying to find classes and figure out who to sit with at lunch. These are the typical worries of an incoming freshman. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, freshmen are learning to conform with new rules and a new schedule. 

“I was scared that I would not know my way around and go to the wrong class,” freshman Sydney Harper said. 

Harper prepared for her transition into high school by making sure she knew where her classes were ahead of time and by getting things she needed for those classes. As a student, being prepared for classes is extremely important, especially now under the circumstances of COVID-19. 

“It was hard in the beginning because we were not used to the school and knowing our way around, but once we kept doing it got a lot easier and now I know where to go,” said Harper.

Incoming freshmen have a lot of the school to remember and keep track of. Southeast Polk is a very big school filled with many students. Transitioning into high school while being all online is a different ball game. Not going to school in person the first year of high school can create a mix of emotions for students. 

Freshman Brianna Moses is an online student full time. 

“I personally thought it is very hard to navigate through everything and being required to be in certain Zooms was difficult as well,” Moses said. 

Online students do not have access to a teacher in person, which can make understanding the material and assignments difficult. There are ways for online students to get help from a teacher one-on-one, however it is still not the same as being in person. Being online full time restricts the students from feeling like they are getting a true freshman year experience.

“Because we are not able to go to football games like everyone else in previous years, it is hard to get the real freshman experience,” Moses said.