Students give back

Key Club helps students get involved with the community

Joining Key Club is an effective way to get involved with the community as a student of Southeast Polk.

During the holiday season, the club urges members and classmates to take part in giving back to the community. Giving back to those in need, especially during COVID-19, is an important action students can participate in.

There are plenty of ways students can get involved with helping families who are struggling during the holidays. Many groups either through a large organization or a group students can put together, help put together baskets of supplies for holiday meals or they purchase gifts for families who were not able to get their own.

If a student is looking to help with food donations or meals, they can get in touch with the Food Bank of Iowa, Caring Hands Food Pantry, and many shelters in their area. Churches are also a great resource for helping those in need. Students and their families can also match up with a family in need of meals and gifts for the holidays.

Math teacher and Key Club supervisor, Elizabeth Fiedler, encourages students to go through a larger organization to help protect students volunteers and the families receiving assistance.

“I think giving back to the community helps remind you that there is more in the world than just yourself. You may not always see the people in need and you may not always see the impact that your volunteering is making, but knowing that there are people out there who are benefiting from your kindness is a great feeling to have,” said Fiedler.

Students can safely participate in helping others by getting a group together, going through a larger organization, going with family or a small group of friends. Make sure to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer before and after touching anything given to others.

“Look around you and see if there is something in the world that you want to work to improve and then look for a way to make it better. Find something you are passionate about – the more the project means to you, the more likely you are to continue to work toward the improvement,” said Fiedler.

Fiedler encourages members of Key Club and students to be active in their community by organizing safe group activities and having them volunteer with friends. She also encourages students to remember that volunteering does not have to be a big ordeal. Fiedler says it can be as simple as volunteering to babysit for a neighbor instead of having them pay a student, or shoveling sidewalks.

Students helping out in their community is a great way to get involved and provide selfless acts for those in need. There are many ways to safely help out whether it is joining Key Club or just volunteering with friends and family.