HEAD TO HEAD: Cats vs. Dogs

Senior Alyssa Williams is pro cat.

Pro Cat:

It’s a Sunday, you are cozy in bed, having the best dreams and curled up beside you is a peaceful cat to keep you warm. Then out of nowhere, incessant barking begins. It’s the Sunday newspaper and your neighbor’s dog can see the paperboy. BARK BARK BARK. So much for those warm cuddles and that relaxing morning. 

A cat, unlike a dog, is so much quieter! The sound of happy purr or an innocent meow, but you will never find them annoyingly barking. You’ll never have to worry about the neighborhood dogs walking by, the garbage truck, or that plastic bag that just happened to land in your yard. 

Cats are also great to have because they are so independent. For people that travel a lot, they don’t have the added cost of having to board their cat at a kennel or finding someone to take them for walks and feed them food. Cats are smart and they don’t scarf down all their food at once like a dog would. You just put extra food and water in your cat’s dishes and then travel away. Cats also don’t need to be let outside. They can take care of their business in the litter box. Plus, you can trust that while you are away, a cat won’t eat your shoes!

Another perk of having a cat is that they are clean. Cats bathe themselves constantly and they never smell like a wet dog. They also don’t lick or sniff inappropriate areas. When you are taking an afternoon nap on the couch, who would ever want to be greeted by a big slobbery wet dog kiss? Cats also never drool!  Dogs are just naturally prone to creating messes whether it’s destroying a toy, your couch, or anything else they can sink their teeth into. Overall, cats are the cleaner, smarter, better option to have as a pet.

Senior Madison Duong is pro dog.

 Pro Dog:

I think the public and I can agree that dogs are by far the superior housepet. No other animal radiates the same enthusiastic energy as they do. The truth is that dogs are just better in every way. 

Cats only care about when their next meal will be. They sleep for most of the day and when they aren’t, they’re hiding from you somewhere in the house. I may identify more with felines spiritually, but that isn’t what we’re debating. 

Dogs are truly everyone’s best friend. Their sole purpose is to love you, in hopes that you’ll love them just as much. Their idea of heaven is falling asleep on your lap as you stroke their fur. How adorable is that? They’re simple creatures, yet their impact on the world is sensational. 

After a hard day at school or work, the first thing you want to see when you get home is your hyperactive dog. The best part is you can always count on them to be happy to see you! The pitter-patter of their paws hitting the wooden floor as they sprint to you is angelic. Then they get so wound up that they reach out to you on their hind legs with their tongue hanging out of the side of their mouth. I have never and will never reject a hug from a dog, and I live by that.

It’s easier to play with a dog than with a cat. You might attract a cat’s attention if you have a laser pointer, but it won’t be long until the thing grows tired of your presence again. However, you can turn anything into a game with a dog. Dogs will play fetch, tug-a-war, and chase for hours if it means spending time with you. If one thing’s for sure, it’s that an energetic dog will keep you in shape.

The unspoken language between a human and their dog is also worth mentioning. Dogs may not know exactly what you’re saying, but they understand how you’re feeling. They know when we need them to sit right beside us, or when to lay a reassuring paw on our trembling hands. Their determination to bring their family endless companionship is why I will always love and appreciate dogs more than cats