Dear Rammie…

Dear, Rammie

I have a friend who keeps taking off their mask whenever we go outside of school. I know that people say it’s safer when you’re outside in the open air, but it still makes me uncomfortable to be around them without it on. I’m worried if I confront them about it they will get angry and tell me I’m overreacting about it. How do I talk to them about this?


Concerned Student


Dear, Concerned Student

First off it’s okay to be cautious and you’re not overreacting. You should go talk to your friend and just approach it kindly. Try to make it seem like a casual conversation and just tell them how you’re feeling about them taking off their mask. If they care about you and are your friend, they will understand and take you seriously. Wearing a mask for a little while longer when they are with you shouldn’t be much of an issue anyways since it is for safety.

I know right now everyone is getting tired of wearing a mask and having to social distance. It’s difficult to do when it’s been almost eight months of the same thing everyday. If we all can just persevere through it for a little while longer I’m sure everything will turn out okay in the end. I’m sure your friend will respect your wishes though so there isn’t anything to worry about. I wish you the best of luck and hope everything goes well!