Veterans Day celebrates those who have served

Veterans Day is a national holiday in America to honor those who served in the military for our nation. It is November 11 and will celebrate those veterans who served and protect the people and their country. It is a day of giving thanks to those who sacrificed a lot to give people a safe life to live.

The holiday was established in May, 1938, and was originally called Armistice Day until after World War II. Many families have someone currently serving or retired. Some students at SEP are no exception to this.

Junior Abby Lauters’ dad is currently active in the military as she explains how long he served and what branch he is in.

“He enlisted about 13 years ago,” said Lauters. “He works in the Air Force doing cyber security.”

Many families have their own methods for dealing with their loved ones deployed out of the country. Lauters explains how her family deals with her father being deployed.

“We would FaceTime him and sometimes send stuff over,” said Lauters. “He usually is not gone for long.”

Lauters also shares a memory while her dad was overseas.

“My sister got lice twice and I was dealing with health issues at the time,” said Lauters. “My mom was freaking out and told our dad about it. Her best friend came over to help us out since he was out.”

Families also deal with their own personal thoughts and emotions about their loved ones in service. Lauters expresses her feelings about her dad being active.

“I think it’s cool,” said Lauters. “He used to travel a lot before. Not as much now.”

Veterans Day was created back then to honor those who served our country, defending the nation from outside harm. Lauters gives her reason why it is important to support and give love to those who protected and currently protect our nation.

“They risk a lot and it’s nice to recognize them,” said Lauters.