Athlete Of The Month: Kennedy Skinner

Monica Cunningham, Editor-In-Chief

Senior Kennedy Skinner.

Q: What got you into swimming?

A: I used to swim at the Campus when I was very little. My instructor thought I should try Swim Club and from there, I went into doing high school swimming.

Q: What do you swim?

A: I used to swim the 500 free. I swim 50 and 100 free, 100 breaststroke, and Medley Relay.

Q: How long have you been swimming?

A: 10 years.

Q: What is a favorite memory of swimming?

A: From this year, one of my favorite memories was pushing Kieler’s car up the hill. It was fun and then when we went to practice after that, it was a bit funny.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about swimming?

A: I really enjoy the team because the girls not only became great friends, but also like a family.

Q: Do you plan to swim in college?

A: I’m not sure. I still need to figure out what college I want to go to.

Q: What is more rewarding in a meet: dropping time or winning your race?

A: I would say dropping time because you go against people who are better or worse than you in a heat.

Q: Why should people join swim?

A: The team is like a family. We have the best coach and you can make new friends.

Q: What advice do you have for your teammates?

A: Even when it gets hard, head down and keep going.

Q: What did you enjoy about this year?

A: I would say being a senior because I get to appreciate the small things like the team dinners since we didn’t have them last year. I also like being a captain because I got to lead the cheers and the experience is different.

Q: Do you feel the culture of swim has changed over the years? If so, in what ways?

A: The team is more and more like a family and less of a team.

Q: Did anyone inspire you to swim? If so, who and why?

A: Allyssa Fluit because we swam club together when we were little. She was the best swimmer and was the assistant coach this year.

Q: What is your least favorite event?

A: 200 Free because it’s in between sprinting and pacing yourself. It’s awful.

Q: What do you enjoy about the coach this year?

A: I love Kieler. She is inspiring and helps us to grow as a person and swimmer. I felt I grew as a leader under her belt and from being a captain.