Environmental Club Holds Plastic Bag Drive

Karissa Lyons, Staff Reporter

The Environmental Club is hosting a plastic bag drive in advisory throughout the month of February.

The Environmental Club is focused on combating and spreading information about the environment and how students can help combat environmental issues. 

“We’re trying to help recycle and educate the school more so they know that there is something you can do. Not everyone is going to use reusable bags, but there are things you can do with the plastic bags,” said senior Presley Anstine, a member of the Environmental Club.

A garbage bag full of plastic bags collected during the drive. Karissa Lyons photo.

“Our goal is to reduce the waste of plastic in the environment and raise awareness of the number of disposable plastic bags are used in our community. Also, if we collect a large enough number of bags we could recycle them into a bench for our school,” said club sponsor and science teacher Jed Dettmering. 

Bags will be collected during advisement classes. The three classes who collect the most plastic bags will be rewarded with donuts. 

“Don’t rule it out. It’s just something to bring our school together,” said Anstine. “I want people to stop and think ‘wow, all these plastic bags I get every time I go to the store, I can [reduce] that by getting a reusable bag.'”

The Environmental Club has done more than just the Plastic Bag Drive. They have also put up signs around the school informing students about how to make sustainable choices in their lives.

“All are welcome to join the club,” said Dettmering. “However, even if a student is not in the club, they can make environmentally conscious decisions. They can ask a club member for direction or a simple Google search will provide ideas of lowering an individual’s impact on the environment.” 

The Environmental Club meets every Tuesday after school in room 325.