Students use poetry to express themselves

April is national poetry month which celebrates the lightness and pureness of poetry from all kinds of cultures.

The creative writing classes take a poetry unit and learn about the several types of poems from various cultures. Such as haikus and cinquains. Junior, Liberty Brookes, talks about her favorite poetry and why she loves it.

“What I love the most about poetry is there are no rules to poetry. You can break as many rules to writing as you please, which boosts creativity,” said Brookes.

Which is also why there are so many lovers of poetry and a month for it; writers can be so creative and out of the box with it. Poetry is celebrated amongst many different cultures with different styles and writing. Haikus are a form of poetry that originated in Japan. Haikus follow the 5-7-5 rule. It has 3 lines consisting of 5 syllables in the first, 7 in the second, and 5 in the third. There are so many forms of poetry and it is also popular for children. Rhyming poems are very popular in America. Dr. Seuss is the best example for this.

Many people find comfort in their writing, especially poetry and use it as a way to cope or express their feelings.

“Poetry has given me an outlet to put my words onto a piece of paper and I am the only one who knows what those words mean in my life. It’s a safety net for me. People could interpret the poetry in their own way however it has a specific meaning to those who wrote it and what it’s about,” said Brookes.

The reason there is a National Poetry Month is so we can celebrate the cultural significance of it and how it brings people together.