Conflicts with Study Hall

Monica Cunningham, Editor-In-Chief

Study hall continues to be held in the auditorium this year.

Study hall is a chance for students to do homework outside of class. Students either have a black or gold block or a full period to finish assignments before the day is out. Sometimes, students may do other things silently like being on their phones, listening to music, using social media, or playing games.

Junior Ava Alger is among the student population scheduled in a study hall.

“I usually do homework. I didn’t really have much this past week. Or I’m usually on my phone,” said Alger.

Students from years past are aware that the location changed from the commons to the auditorium. The commons is a space where most students can spread out and work silently or do other things. The location last year for study hall changed to the auditorium.

Students in the auditorium for study hall. Monica Cunningham photo.

In previous school years, study hall was held in the Commons. Southeast Polk High School Principal Stephen Pettit explains why the change was necessary.

 “Everyone wants to come in-kids out of class for bathrooms find their way into the Commons. All the kids coming in is drawing attention; many ways to leave. The study hall environment was having a negative effect on the environment-too difficult to manage completely,” said Pettit.

Many students have their own opinions on what setting they prefer for study hall. With the Commons, there is a table to use to put notebooks and Chromebooks on. The auditorium takes away the sturdy surface, but provides comfortable seating. For Alger, she prefers study hall to be in the Commons.

“It’s easier to do homework,” said Alger.

For those concerned about staying productive in the new environment, Pettit offers suggestions for students.

 “If a kid wants to use a flat surface, they can check out of study hall into the Multipurpose Room. The library is also a great place,” said Pettit.