Student Council Takes Over Assemblies

Student Council has taken over presenting all-school assemblies this school year. 

Student Council publicist, senior Brooklyn Nelson, is one of the students who presents at the assembly. 

“My favorite part of [assemblies] is just seeing the whole thing actually work out and of course seeing everyone participating,” Nelson said.

Nelson talked about how she chose to be on the mic because she is comfortable with public speaking. 

Principal Stephen Pettit is excited about the change.

“Honestly, it’s the students’ school and it’s an opportunity for students to show leadership. We also want students to have more fun with their assemblies,” Pettit said.

Pettit helps the StuCo sponsors and students manage time and activities.

“I also help coach StuCo speakers on how to use the microphone. Even I get nervous speaking, my advice is to slow down when speaking in public. I sometimes jump in during the assembly whenever the students need help with games. I help reflect with the sponsors after assemblies to make improvements for the next assembly,” Pettit said. 

Pettit also talked about how the new assemblies are more fun-filled and more about hyping up students. The old format of assemblies was more focused on adults talking and less student-oriented.

“I love when the band plays the school fight song or when the drumline plays and when everyone starts cheering and clapping. When our cheerleaders get everyone to cheer along and when all students are in sync. I also like the homecoming assembly games,” Pettit said. 

StuCo advisor Shannon Stusse oversees the planning of assemblies. 

“Administration knows how important the assemblies are for climate and culture, but also recognize that when students lead it, our participation and cooperation is so much better,” she said. 

Stusse helps communicate with the StuCo members to create an assembly itinerary and the games that students will play.