Clothing Drives Help Kids Keep Warm

Kirsten Milczski, Staff Reporter

Donated coats for the clothing drive. Photo courtesy Laurie Milczski.

With colder weather approaching fast, many families are depending on clothing drives and donations to keep them warm throughout the winter season.

According to, this year has been especially hard on those in poverty. With inflation affecting low-income families more than others, Operation Warmth is expecting more children to be in need of winter coats.

Junior Audrey Dove’s family started the Dove Family Pajama Drive, one of many clothing drives dedicated to helping children in need.

“My mom had the idea when she saw that kids on pajama days wouldn’t have pajamas, or they would show up wearing the same clothes they sleep in. She wanted to do the drive so she could give out pajamas to kids that didn’t have them,” said Dove.

According to, 11% of Americans live in poverty and struggle to provide for themselves, especially during the winter months.

This will be the tenth year of the annual Dove Family Pajama drive, which is now considered community outreach for students of Southeast Polk.

Dove helps out with the drive by organizing donations and helping print posters.

Other organizations such as Caring Hands, Crowded Closet, and Salvation Army will accept both clothing and food donations.

According to, 7.3 million families in America live in poverty and benefit from clothing drives and nonprofit organizations. As a result, 1 in 6 children are in need of winter coats.

Dove enjoys seeing the impact donations have on the people receiving them.

“It’s very special that me, my family, and others get to help out fellow people of Southeast Polk. Also just to spread joy especially during holidays, to see kids’ faces, and make them happy,” said Dove.

Volunteer opportunities can be great ways to help out the community and earn silver cord hours. If you’re looking to make a difference this year, consider taking the time to donate to a local organization this winter.