Xello Guides Students Through High School

Caleb Blacksmith, Staff Reporter

Xello gives students a variety of lessons to better prepare them for life after high school. Caleb Blacksmith screenshot.

Xello is a platform that allows students to explore their options after high school, whether that be potential career paths or post-secondary education. Iowa requires certain data to be collected from school districts and Xello is one of the options that schools can utilize to gather and report that data.

Counselor Jessica Nolting says Xello allows teachers to customize their students’ content to some extent. Its simplistic design also makes it easier to use than older platforms.

“Xello is streamlined and accessible to everyone,” said Nolting. “It has some really quality material and allows us as teachers and counselors to see progress rather easily.”

Nolting said the platform’s use of ‘canned’ lessons means some content is a better fit for students than others.

While Xello has benefits, not everyone is a fan of the increased use of it. Freshman Tyler Hegg thinks that the lessons are too drawn out and time-consuming, and none of the content being covered is of any use to him right now.

“It might make me more ready [for college or a future career] when I’m a senior, but not right now as a freshman,” said Hegg.

However, Senior Kylie Backen thinks Xello benefits underclassmen more.

“I did not like it. I thought it was a good tool to help underclassmen plan their schedules and lives,” said Backen. “But as a senior, it just was not helpful for me.”

Backen believes that most seniors already know or have an idea of what’s next for them, which makes the use of Xello redundant. For those who are undecided, however, it could be a useful tool to nudge them in the right direction.

“Hopefully they find something that connects with their intentions after high school or something that points them in the direction of things to explore,” said Nolting.