SmartPass in Session for Second Semester

A new hall pass system called SmartPass has been implemented at the start of second semester. 

Smartpass is an online app that is used to regulate students’ time outside of the classroom. Students can quickly create and use passes on their smartphones or Chromebooks to go anywhere in the school.

Right now, students are limited to three passes per school day. 

Principal Steve Pettit said that the main goal of SmartPass is not to control, but to prioritize class time for students so they can get the best education possible.

“The reason why we have it is because our current pass system was very inefficient and there was inconsistent information on the passes,” Pettit said. “It was hard to tell when someone was given a pass, where they were going, if they arrived at their location, etc.”

During the last three weeks of first semester, a trial run of SmartPass took place to see how effective the SmartPass system is. The goal of the system is for students to have more time in class.

“We have a goal to prioritize class time for students. We still want to be able to give our students reasonable accommodations to meet their needs (like seeing counselors and bathroom trips). So we wanted to prioritize class time and a system that shows that kids have shown up on time and actually showed up to where they needed to go,” Pettit said.

Teachers are able to exceed the three pass maximum if necessary.