Students Embark on Senior Trip

This senior trip experience is unlike any other. It’s the time when friend groups (and their parents) go on a big trip one last time as a ‘familial’ unit, and enjoy each other’s company before they all go their separate ways to pursue their next endeavors. This last ‘hoorah’ can be bittersweet for those who are moving far away and will have limited time to connect with their ‘OG’ friends, and the normalcy of being in contact with them frequently won’t be the norm anymore. Soaking up every bit of quality time, making memories that will last for ages, and bringing home souvenirs that take you back to the place where you last lived your best life will be one of the most important times of your last moments of your high school career.

Senior Ethan Keomala is going on a trip with a group of friends and his parents for this unspoken tradition set by seniors.

“I’m going to Cancun, Mexico along with a few friends of mine,” said Keomala

Cancun is a place where there’s a plethora of activities, but is also a place that brings relaxation and peace.

“I am most looking forward to swimming in the crystal blue water and tanning in the hot sun,” said Keomala.

Although swimming may be popular for most, that’s not the only thing that brings tourists and visitors to Cancun. A multitude of activities can include trying new foods and enjoying the culture.

“I will be swimming, parasailing, hiking, as well as driving a golf cart around an island and exploring it,” said Keomala.

Keomala would describe this time leading up to the trip as super happy and excited. It’s not every day that the average person gets to go on a trip this special with the people they love and adore the most and make memories that they will cherish for eternity. Ultimately, going on an extravagant vacation like this isn’t for everyone but one thing that it does bring for most people is happiness, enjoyment, memories, and relaxation.

“It is a great place to go and visit. The experience down there is mind-blowing!” said Keomala.