Rampage Senior Farewells: Hannah Plummer

Hannah Plummer, Rampage Editor-in-Chief

Senior Editor-in-chief Hannah Plummer.

My high school career was so much better than I ever expected it to be. Of course, it was nothing like High School Musical, but I made the most of it. There are so many memories that I will never forget, from playing rugby for three years and winning the state championship as a senior and captain, to all of the fun Rampage issue release parties I got to be a part  of. I have met and become friends with so many people that have made the last four years so great. My time at Southeast Polk has been close to perfect and even though I am so excited to move on to the next chapter of my life, I am going to miss all my teachers and spending time with my friends in class. 

I have learned a lot throughout my high school years. One of the most important lessons  I have learned would be to just do you. Do what makes YOU happy. Do not let other people’s  words and actions decide how you are going to live your life. Surround yourself with people who  understand you and make you feel like your happiest self. Surround yourself with people you  trust and love. Don’t do things out of anger and jealousy, but do things to make yourself feel  better and to help yourself grow. Another thing I learned was to get out of your comfort zone. Try lots of new things that you never thought you’d enjoy. By trying new things, I have found so many things I actually enjoy doing, like rugby. High school teaches you a lot and you need to cherish those lessons because they will stick with you forever. 

Everyone’s high school experience is different, so there isn’t much advice I can give to  everyone. Obviously, you need to work hard and get your stuff done. Don’t mess around in class, especially ones you struggle in because it will make it even more difficult to understand the class. Be nice to your teachers! Even if they aren’t your favorite, they are still there to help and teach you. Along with that, create good relationships with some teachers because then you will always have an adult to go to when you need help with work and personal problems. The biggest piece of advice I can give though is: make the most of your time. As for advice on classes to take, if you get the chance and enjoy writing and being part of a great group, join Rampage. Another class that I enjoyed very much was Sociology. You learn so much cool stuff and the teacher does a great job at making it fun. 

There have been so many people who have been a part of my life the past few years  that I will forever be grateful for. I want to start off by thanking my family. I have the most  supportive family ever and I would’ve never been able to get where I am in life without them. I  have also had a few other adults in my life that I need to thank. My rugby coaches, Joe White  and Matt Sillanpaa were there for me, not only as coaches, but as friends who helped me through a lot on top of being the greatest coaches ever. As for teachers, Ms. Boshart and Mr. Lehman have been so amazing to me. They have been my in-school support systems and they will always have a special spot in my heart for everything they have done for me. Lastly, my friends and my boyfriend. I couldn’t have asked for a better guy to spend the last year and a half with. I have made and lost many friends through high school, but no matter what my relationship with them is right now, I want to thank them for always having my back and teaching me so much. 

My senior year ended a lot sooner than anyone thought it would, but in the end, I am  very happy with how everything turned out and can’t wait to see where life takes me and  everyone else in my life.