Hello, Hybrid Model!

Students experience pros, cons of new schedule

Madison Duong, Managing Editor

Photo courtesy Madison Duong.

When I was first informed that students would be following a hybrid schedule for this school year, I was ecstatic. I get to learn from the comfort of my own home at least two days a week? My introverted ten-year-old self’s fantasy finally came true. 

But now, several weeks into the school year, I have mixed feelings about the schedule. I wish I could just ignore the downsides and enjoy the benefits, but unfortunately my mind forces me to stress over the littlest issues that this model has brought to the table. 

Let’s get all of the negative reasons out of the way. 

First of all, I have concluded that online learning is not for me. There is always something wrong with my Zoom. Either I can’t hear my teacher, no one can hear me, or the screen is too blurry for me to make out the lesson being taught on the board. It makes learning difficult, and it doesn’t take long for me to feel behind. Luckily, most of my teachers post recordings of the lessons on Canvas, so it gives me a chance to catch up. 

Also… homework due dates! Maybe it’s just the  kicking in, but as an organized student, it bothers me that I can’t keep the dates straight. Twice I’ve arrived at a class empty-handed, looking like a deer in headlights after being informed that something was due that day.

It’s a bummer that I only see each teacher in person once a week. Discussing a lesson via email can only do so much, and most of the time it doesn’t solve my confusion.

 I will say, not having the same classes every day rocks. Some of my classes are a handful, so it’s nice to take a few days off from that particular subject and focus on other things.

Plus, I do enjoy waking up five minutes before a Zoom call. Is it irresponsible? Probably. Will I continue doing it? Count on it. Being able to get an extra hour of shut eye is probably my favorite part of the model, and because of that, the hybrid schedule wins me over.