March Horoscopes

These horoscopes are based off of Alex Moats is not a professional in horoscope readings!


Aries: Social connections and intellectual pursuits are huge for you in March! Tap into your extraverted side and try something new! Reconnect with old friends or even make new ones! Your options are endless but whatever you choose to do, have fun!

Taurus: This month you are chasing that bag! You are all about making money and you will be motivated to reach your financial goals! Make that purchase you’ve been dying to make! Buy that car, buy those shoes; you’ve worked hard!

Gemini: March is YOUR time! Throughout this month you will be feeling confident and ambitious. Use this to your advantage and go after your goals with everything you’ve got! 

Cancer: Your subconscious will be taking over this March! Really take the time to listen to yourself and go with your gut feeling. Use this as an escape from reality and dream of your perfect life!

Leo: This March is all about community! You’ll feel motivated to network and better your sense of teamwork. Try volunteering with a few friends and make some friends in the process!

Virgo: Get ready to be the best! March is going to be full of competing and energy! You will be extremely motivated and will be ready to take on anything! Ready to dominate? Go get that promotion!

Libra: Move out the way Saggitarius, Libra is the free-spirit this month! March will be full of spontaneity and excitement. This month will leave you more motivated than ever!

Scorpio: Leave the past behind, the future is now! Transformation is your main focus this month, embrace the promise of the future! 

Sagittarius: Passion coming in hot! This month will be all about relationships! Your love for the people around you will take the focus this month.

Capricorn: You’re working hard this month and that work ethic is strong! This will come naturally to you, so use it to your advantage!

Aquarius: Your creativity is flowing this month! This month will be full of fun and pleasure; explore it! Look at the world in new ways and enjoy it!

Pisces: Go apologize to your baby sister, this month is going to bring the perfect home life! You will experience nurturing and protective qualities this march! Home and family are super important for a healthy lifestyle!