Musicians Participate in All State Auditions

Band and choir students have been practicing and preparing for auditions. Jenna Scandiifio photo.

Different All State auditions for the students in the music department were October 21 and 22. Both for band and choir, students have been preparing and working hard to make sure their auditions go well for these elite programs. There are multiple parts to the auditions that students have to prepare in order to get into these select groups. 

At the beginning of the year, choir students receive music for All State. They have five to six pieces of music to perform. They then get put into quartets where they help each other sing and practice the music for the auditions that will be held on October 21. 

Senior Emma Cochran has been practicing with her quartet with the different pieces which are also in different languages. 

“We have German, Latin, Hebrew, and an English piece. A very common choir piece is in Latin just because the vowels are better to sing, they sound a little better than English. It also helps us learn new languages,” said Cochran. 

Cochran has also been preparing for this audition ever since this summer.

“I had to go to a camp at Iowa Central College over the summer to help practice the music, and a director there even said it was college level music,” said Cochran. 

Even though the music may be challenging and there may be nerves when auditioning, Cochran still loves what she does. 

“Choir class is a good place to just make friends and try something new. It can be very rewarding. I know that it can be scary to some to sing in front of others but it can also be very fun,” said Cochran.

The band department is also having its All State auditions on October 22. This will be a chance for students around the state to show their musical ability and come together as one band. For the audition, musicians have to learn two etudes, have scales memorized, and perform a minute of a solo. 

Senior Alahna Vroom has been working on these materials since the beginning of this summer as well. 

“I start in the beginning of summer just going through scales and working other etudes that are similar to All State just to get myself acquainted with the rhythms and notes. I also study privately and I recommend it, because it’s really helped me grow as a musician, and they can help you with things for the audition,” said Vroom.

Vroom has auditioned and made multiple honor bands such as Drake Honor Band, and SCIBA Honor Band. She is glad that she auditioned for both bands.

“It’s about the journey, and auditioning for All State has definitely helped me grow as a musician a lot. If I didn’t work on the music or audition, I wouldn’t have been as confident as I am now. It made me more skilled, and made me more confident,” said Vroom.