November Artist of the Month: Gwen Willeford

Gwen Willeford

Q: When did you start taking pictures?

A: The first memory I have of taking pictures is way back in elementary school. I had a tiny little pink digital camera, and I took pictures at the Omaha zoo. From there it has always been something I loved to do.

Q: Why did you start?

A: My family always kept photo albums of our vacations over the years, so I think that’s what first got me into it. I loved seeing all the little moments captured and I really liked the idea of taking some myself for those I care about.

Q: What is your favorite type of picture to take?

A: My favorite subject for pictures is definitely cross country and track. I’m already super passionate about the sports, so I love taking pictures for it. It’s so cool to see someone doing something they are passionate about, and sharing pictures I take with them.

Q: Are you going to continue taking pics after high school?

A: I do plan to continue to take pictures after high school. I’m not yet sure what that will look like, but photography will definitely be something that follows me throughout life.

Q: What are your plans for high school? 

A: After high school I plan to study journalism. I’m hoping photography will tie in along the way.

Q: What advice would you have to new photographers?

A: Use trial and error as much as you can. I think it’s super affective to teach yourself in some ways, but also don’t be afraid to ask questions from someone who is more experienced. Overall, just be open to pushing yourself out of you comfort zone.

Q: What camera do you use?

A: My favorite camera to use is a Canon EOS 80D

Q: How has taking pictures influenced your high school career?

A: I have gotten to experience and learn about sports and activities I wouldn’t have without photography. Pushing myself outside of sports I know a lot about has lead me to learn so much. Overall I feel more connected to our school as a whole.

Q: Do you feel a certain way taking pictures?

A: When I find *the* shot I feel super proud of myself and excited to share it with the people or person in it. Overall it makes me super happy to take and share them.

Q: Do you have a favorite photo you have taken and if so describe it?

A: Most of my favorite pictures are from the state track meet. I got to use a press pass and take pictures along side professional photographers, it was so cool. I loved seeing everyone’s reactions to the pics!