Spooky, scary haunted houses to visit

Haunted houses can be exciting and fun or terrifying depending on the person. They are filled with people dressed in the most realistic and scary costumes. They are filled with spooky sounds and jump scares.

Senior Hannah Nolan has gone haunted housing for the past three years. Her “go to” haunted houses are the ones at Sleepy Hollow’s Haunted Scream Park or the Haunted Forest in Ames.

“I recommend going with a larger group, the smaller the group the scarier it is,” said Nolan. She enjoys going with her friends and watching everyone’s reactions to the haunted houses.

Linn’s Supermarket

Address: 3805 6th Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50313

Nights of Operation: Oct. 4-5, 11-12, 18-19, 25-31 and Nov. 1-2

Admission: $17

Linn’s Supermarket is Des Moines’ oldest haunted house. It is reopening for its 36th season. This haunted house focuses on traditional suspense instead of gore, such as pitch black hallways and jump scares. This haunted supermarket has won multiple “Best Haunted House” awards.


Address: 97 Indiana Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50314

Nights of Operation: Oct. 4-6, 10-13, 17-20, 24-26

Admission: $20, $30 VIP to skip the line

Slaughterhouse has a very disturbing history that involves a cannibalistic family. It is about the Bigg’s family and their meat processing plant.

Sleepy Hollow’s Haunted Scream Park

Address: 4051 Dean Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50317

Nights of Operation: Oct. 4-5, 11-12, 17-20, 24-27 and 31st

Admission: VIP Pass $45 (VIP line access to all attractions the park has to offer and free parking.)

Park Pass: $35 (Access to all attractions the park has to offer and free parking.)

Pick 3 Pass: $25 (Access to 3 attractions plus free activities and free parking.)

Sleepy Hollow has been named one of the Midwest’s best haunted parks and offers a variety of attractions. There are five different houses, each one with a different story. Castle of Blood involves a tour of a torture chamber then it ventures deep into the Merrick Castle with visits from vampires. Chaos involves an intense walk through execution rooms, catacombs, a spinning tunnel and morgues. Nightmare Estates is a tour of a crazy family’s home. They want nothing more than for you to leave their property. If you’re nice they’ll show you the way out, but not before scaring you a bit. And last but not least, Twisted Tales involves a creepy twist on your favorite story characters.

Tormented Souls

Address: Edgewood Park, Madrid, IA 50156

Nights of Operation: Oct. 11-12, 18-19, 24-26 and 31

Hours of Operation: Fridays/Saturdays: 7:15-11:45 p.m. and Thursdays 7:15-10:00 p.m.

Iowa’s scariest outdoor scream park is located on the edge of a ghost town called “Zook Spur.” The residents of this ghost town are gone but their spirits remain in the area. Experience a tour of the town as your worst nightmares are brought to life.