Ram Stands Twitter account leads best student section in Iowa

One of the things the Ram Stands Twitter account does is announce themes for Friday Night Lights every week. Photo courtesy Alexa Carter.

Ram Stands is a Twitter account that promotes school activities and sports, posts scores from games, announces themes for the games. The account was started around three years ago. The purpose of Ram Stands is to get students involved in activities and encourage big turnouts at games. Senior Tyler Mills runs the Twitter account this year with one other person. In the past, the identities of the students who run this account have been secret.

The Ram Stands account messaged Mills and one other person over Twitter and said that he was chosen as the new owner. He could either accept or deny the request. Mills and his partner accepted the request along with the responsibilities that came with ownership. A week before school, Mills took control of the Ram Stands account on Twitter.

“It’s school [run] so I can’t be putting negative stuff on there and trash talk. It represents Southeast Polk so we have to promote it in a positive way,” Mills said. 

Mills spends around half an hour every day on the account looking through the feed, planning tweets, and looking when events are happening. His goal for Ram Stands is to get 2,000 followers and to make sure the tweets are seen by a large portion of the Southeast Polk population to inform everybody. 

When it comes to making up new themes and reusing old ones, Mills and his partner choose themes for the games by thinking about who we are playing, what the weather will be like, and themes we have done in the past. If they still have trouble deciding, they send out a poll on Twitter for students to vote on their favorite themes.

A favorite of Mills is a new theme. 

“One we have not done yet but I am excited for is ‘construction out.’ We wear hard hats. We are not going to encourage people to bring road signs that they have stolen, but if they do then it happens, traffic cones. I love the beach out and denim out,” Mills said.

Mills often receives feedback on themes. 

“People like to judge. If you have a theme that not everyone likes they are going to talk to you at school and be like “Hey man that’s stupid,” you can not satisfy everyone so that makes it easier,” Mills said. 

The owners of Ramstands is supposed to be a secret so the previous owners and Mills’s partner remains unknown.