Tricks Are Not For Kids!

Cayden Johnson, Rampage Opinion Editor

In Altoona and Pleasant Hill, Beggars’ Night is held every year on October 30.

Beggars’ Night was always a night I looked forward to. Nothing is better than free candy. I also love showing off my costume to all of my friends. There are, however, downsides to Beggars’ Night.

Trick-or-treating is synonymous with dressing up. Each year I work hard on my costume and I am proud of it. When the time comes to show it off, I usually have to cover it up with a winter coat thanks to the pesky weather!  I worked so hard putting my costume together, going from thrift store to thrift store gathering materials. And now I have to cover it up! Am I Spiderman? You will never know! Kid by day, kid by night.

With the freezing weather, comes clueless people. After I make the hike to each front door, I realize there are people who clearly do not understand what Beggars’ Night is. You see a front porch light on, so you march yourself up to the front door and ring the doorbell all excited. And you get greeted with nothing. You can see someone in the window, but nobody answers the door. If you are going to have your light on, hand out some candy! People risk their lives with cars and freezing temperatures. All you do is treat them with disappointment.

Nothing is as bad though as the person who hands out fruit. I do not care if it is nature’s candy, I do not care if it is your candy, don’t you dare hand out fruit to me on Beggars Night.

Despite all that, getting dressed up, going from house to house in 32-degree weather just to come home with icicles on my nose and a few frozen pieces of candy, a pencil, and some fruit sounds great!