Inside the New Student Section

A small number of seniors are able to attend Southeast Polk’s home football games


A view into the new student section. Photo courtesy Shannon Stusse

Julia Strickland, Rampage Staff Reporter

Seniors were able to sit in the first ever COVID-safe football student section on September 9, 2020. Coronavirus has caused everyone to lose out on many things, and the class of 2021 thought one of those things would be their student section. However, seniors are now able to attend home games and cheer on their classmates as they play

A view into the new student section. Photo courtesy Shannon Stusse.

Activities Director Jayson Campbell helped out with the student section by getting in touch with the high school administration and getting it approved. 

The decision was difficult. I had concerns about the ability to manage a crowd of students,” said Campbell. “[The seniors] proved to me they were responsible in handling the expectations.”

Jacob Moberly was one of the seniors who came up with the idea of the student section.

“Me and a group of five other people (Emma Shaw, Jordyn Brown, Michael Wingfield, Dawson Weatherly and Brandon Gregory) wrote out a proposal to allow students in the home games. I then met with Mr. Campbell on behalf of the group then me and him came to a compromise to all students in the south end zone that way everyone can social distance,” Moberly said.

Senior Luke Werthmann appreciated having his classmates in attendance and has looked forward to his senior football season for a long time.

 “Having a student section at football games means a lot to all of the football players,” said Werthmann. “It’s awesome seeing all your friends from school cheering for you after you score a touchdown, get a sack, or recover a fumble.” 

The football team has faced many challenges this season. They have lost the chance to go out after school and spend time with their friends just because they don’t want to risk the chance of not being able to play football. 

“All of the football players acknowledge the importance of this season, and know that they’re going to have to make sacrifices to keep it going,” said Werthmann.